I came accross a rather interesting read today which was about the German government helping out the HRE Bank. This article caught my attention as it is something which I had also witnessed when the GFC hit, particularly within the US. It was hard to fathom that a government would be so kind but then again I could see how this may be possible as government does has its interests within people.

The article itself has gotten me to think about moral accountability in a different way, respectively whether or not it is moral to bail out a business interest for the sake of people. Yes this does seem like the logical thing to do but then again others may perceive this to be shady. It would also indicate to others that banks are in control whilst the government is also unless if this is the governments way of saying hey we are above everyone else, so listen up.

If this is the case then the government has taught me a lot. That it is trully the epicentre of leadership and that everything else is a grade below. In respective to this I am beginning to think that there are grades in leadership with some of those being:
  • Grade 1 – Leading oneself
  • Grade 2 – Leading a small group (work teams)
  • Grade 3 – Leading a division (20 or more people)
  • Grade 4 – Leading a territory (A suburb which is related to the business, sort of like a territory manager)
  • Grade 5 – Leading a state (A state division of a business)
  • Grade 6 – Leading an organisation (Overall control of the business – Division / State / country)
  • Grade 7 – Leading an empire (Specifically this would be government control over a whole entire nation)

So..... 7 grades before one becomes a true leader. It sort of reminds me of karate in that they have various different grading belts. It’s also weird how leadership isn’t portrayed in grades. Reflecting on this I think it should be as it definitely paints a clearer picture.

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