Advertising can often come at a hefty price although this shouldn’t dissuade one from considering it as an option for further growth. Sometimes the simplest ideas can end up being rather effective ways to generate business. Before an advertising option is to be considered, questions must be asked such as:

•    How will this affect my brand?
•    How successful will this option be?
•    What will happen if the ad doesn’t get interpreted the way it was set out to be?
•    Will this be suitable as a once off option or something that needs to be gradually maintained?

When these factors are considered, you can then set out to see how a particular ad can work for you.
Cost effective ad options that you may want to consider are:
•    Bumper stickers
•    Flyers
•    Business cards (Self-Made or VistaPrint)
•    PersonalizedT-shirts
•    Message boards
•    Free classifieds
•    Ezines
•    Paid ads (we Offer)
•    Postcards
•    Purchased leads (we Offer)
•    Bookmarks for libraries
•    Co-ops We Offer)
•    Newsgroups
•    Word of mouth(friends and family)
•    Forwarded emails (Signature Line!)
•    Inexpensive label buttons
•    Pens to hand out

As you can see there are many advertising options that can be taken, so long as you consider how these options of advertising will affect your business, you can still get away with not paying a lot as the options are endless.

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