I also came accross an interesting article today about a company which was selling falsely advertised products. I know that a lot of businesses do this however I can't say that it is to right. I also don't understand how as a leader one would want to deceit others. Sure there  are goals to be reached such as financial and sales targets but why not pick another product to sell or be more clever about it. This issue which POM is facing heavily deals with moral accountability and leadership I believe. 
I mean the leader should be morally accountable to those who he / she sells to. At what cost can one be deceitful? I don't understand why this is going on or perhaps I don't want to acknowledge why it is happening. In this regard this is what disturbs me about leadership in that the power can be used for the wrong rather than for the good. I know that I definitely don't want to be taking this path, it's been playing in my mind for a long time now and no I refuse to be one of those potential naughty leaders. 

I also don't understand why these leaders don't get penalised more often for misconduct. I know it happens but obviously not enough. The government should obviously play a bigger part in this or am I missing something here? Are the government and large corporations good friends? No it couldn't be. I make a point of this to say that hey I know what's going on and that I acknowledge it once again to be wrong.


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