Today before writing this journal entry I thought a lot about the capabilities of a leader which is something I discussed in the previous entry. It had me thinking about what potential do others see in us rather than us just seeing ourselves. I know based on my previous work experience that some staff saw a lot of potential in me. Specifically at times when I would rectify situations or find solutions to problems. 

An example of this is when I was working for Syple Technologies. There were many times when I unearthed new technology which could be utilised for some of the online applications which were being created. Specifically I would inform my director about this and at times new technologies would be utilised.

At the same time I also saw in an article yesterday how CEO's see potential in other CEO's and as such defend them. In this particular case I am intrigued though should mate ship ever get involved in work. In this particular circumstance it is evident and as such I am again questioning is this what leadership really is? People looking after their own interests or is it more?

It's also interesting to see how Larry Ellison makes an honest remark of how Steve Jobs was fired from the company which he created and how they saw no potential in him. I acknowledge things have changed now for Steve and his situation is making me think sometimes the person who is telling you your potential isn't the right person to be saying it and as such my assumption from the other day is probably the right one in which I believed that only I the individual can know my own potential. As such this is a very sneaky thing to have in leadership although I guess it could be a tool for control more than anything.

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