Admiral Mike Mullen is definitely another decent leader and I can see why, his statement 'I'm a sailor leading our military in two land wars, and I figured I needed to work overtime to understand what was happening in these places — and it was necessary that I really interact with our troops on the ground." Has made me consider that he is definitely a notable leader. He acknowledges that effort and time needs to be put in place to get things done. Specifically beyond what is required to get a better outcome. I agree with this and as such I find myself as a leader that I can do this. I have done it in the past and believe in myself that I always will. In Assignment two I identified this within myself, that I am a person who dares to explore every corner to get a better grounding to make a better decision.

Admiral Mullen also deserves to be credited for his belief that you shouldn't have to pick and choose who will work in the team rather everyone should be accepted. Again I note this as I believe it is true. Especially because if I am unable to do this then I have already failed as I have seperated myself from others and have discredited their own knowledge etc.

Another great attribute his style of being quiet and content with what's going on. I find that this could resemble one of Golemans leadership styles, i.e. 'commanding'. My thought is that if one is commanding then they are able to be content with what's going on. In the past few posts I have discredited this as it's a style I don't like but perhaps it is the right style to have?

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