Today’s leader of the day, who else would it be but Bill Clinton. Now before I begin with Bill I must note to myself that I was perhaps wrong about McInness as Bill himself implicated himself in wrong doing by cheating on his wife Hillary however it is here that I am seeing that McIness perhaps didn’t have enough power to get away with it where as Bill obviously did. Grrr back to the old drawing board on what is right and what is wrong. I still think that a leader should be moral however when one is placed with such great power then it is seems one can do as they wish although with great repercussions. Regardless it is not right and I will leave it at that.

It seems that Bill even after presidency has still been doing good by the nation especially in Haiti when the earthquakes hit hard. I have to credit him for this but I also must credit him for the fact that ‘he has worked in Africa for many years, kicking off debt cancellation, which resulted in an additional 42 million African children going to school. [Whilst] he had a huge hand in slashing the price of AIDS drugs for people who couldn't afford them.’ Bill here has definitely taught me something important, that even when you stop being a leader you should still do all that you can do and coach and mentor others about the knowledge which you have accumulated and learnt. I guess this is ideally where I would like to be one day although one step at a time obviously.

Bill has also taught me that fairness goes a long way and that even though you may no longer be a leader your followers will still honour you even when you leave the position. In this regard I would like to believe that this is the ultimate sign that you were a good leader or were of a notable stature.

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