Now today’s leader of the day is General Stanley McChrystal, a leader who made a great impact in Afghanistan against the war on terror. It seems he has been able to perform his duties based on his ‘legendary special operation skills and his true warrior intellect’ which is definitely something I admire. I can’t say that I considered a leader to be a warrior although I can now see how that may fit. A warrior in my opinion is someone who is strong, a fighter, a battler and someone who is determined to finish it off. Now how do I become one of those? Does it come naturally or is it an approach to take like any other? I surely know that in the past I may have of come across as a warrior in terms of my sheer gutsiness however I haven’t been this person in a while.

What is also notable about General Stanley is that he is a ‘leader who can prove that the effort there is not just hard but also, in his words, "doable." Now I think about this as him being a go getter but someone who also likes to take on the unthinkable. In my opinion I find myself to be like this at times although it has been costly to me in that it hasn’t always worked out. But it is here that I must say that perhaps it wasn’t the right approach after all. I believe leadership goals should be short in measure rather than larger. By this I mean that they should be SMART.

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