From what I can gather based on todays leader is that Jon Kyl bares a characteristic / trait which hasn't been mentioned before, i.e. intelligence. I am quite suprised as to why this trait hasn't been mentioned amongst other leaders, maybe they weren't deserving of it or maybe those statements are right in that leadership is more about personality than smarts?

It's also interesting to see that Kyl is another old leader. Based on this I am finding that in order to be a good leader, age is something that is required or am I wrong here?

It's been credited that Kyl is also a good persuader and is hard working. Again some of these traits echo similarities to that of other leaders.

Respectively I am now finding that the key traits to have are:
  • Persuasiveness
  • Intelligence
  • Passion
  • Work ehtics
Will be interesting to see how this list does end up at the end.

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