So overall what have I learnt from the leaders of today? Well the following:

• To be a good leader one needs to be able to communicate well to his / her followers

• One needs to be more than generous

• Vision is a necessity to lead

• Determination is critical to the success of leadership

• Having beliefs is important

• Being a peoples man is vital

• Having the right strategy in place is necessary

• Intellect is what drives leadership to success

• Passion is a necessity for the cause of being a leader

• There is a great need to be open minded about trends and so forth

• Having the right character in place is critical

• A great leader is willing to die for the cause of good to others

• A leader must not seek retribution rather they should get on with it

• Being fair gets your followers to still follow you even when your time is up

• A leader mustn’t give up ever

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