Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva based on the documented information from an article in Times Magazine, is a leader from a working class family. I admire this as I find it means that he is closer to the people who he is leading. It also means that he has a better idea of what's really going on. My own current stance is that my family is also from a working class. Both my parents have no university education but I have noted being hard working pays more dividends than having a peice of paper to show. From a leadership stance it is important to have such qualities and as such I endevour to use this for myself. Perhaps this should of also been one of Golemans leadership style, i.e. hard working?

His other great attribute is that he has won loyalty from those who he cares to look after. Another sign of good leadership in my books and it is also something now that I understand what Goleman was trying to say. Leaders should work in affiilation with others. I acknowledge that this is something I will need to do as well, learn to work better with others to gain loyalty to better lead and reach desired objectives.

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