Now for today’s leader of the day – Mr Mousavi. Another political ranger however he is a different kind of politician one with similar attributes to Martin Luther King. Now I must credit this as he is not taking great risk but also courage to represent those in need even though he acknowledges his life is on the line. This is not a leader in my books but a true and great leader. I don’t know if I could ever take my own life for the sake of leadership but this guy has demonstrated that through beliefs can come great things, in this case freedom for Iran, which is definitely in much need of it.

The article also highlights an interesting quote from Martin Luther King Jr., "Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." It is my belief that this means that we all need to believe in moral accountability for there to be the great justice which is on offer for all. Respectively it also means from a leadership point of view that morals can sometimes be subjected to differences and as such it will be a long time before the ground is even.

It’s also interesting to note that Mr Mousavi has highlighted Irans situation well, “Iran's true path: governments must be formed at the ballot box, not at bullet point.” Again some powerful words and it does make me think, leaders can solve things without force rather than force. I mean come on, is it not better to teach others how to lead in a proper manner than killing them? Retribution does nothing and so I say it is time that I say everything should be done without force but rather through correctly formulated strategies.

Now I also have to admit Mr Mousavi out of all the other leaders I have mentioned tops the leadership list for me. This is because as I stated this guy is willing to die for the cause. I wish my integrity was this strong and perhaps I will need to strengthen it more so to deliver better.

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