Nancy is the first of female leaders to appear on the list and I find this to be quite odd as female leaders should be on equal grounding with the men. This thought has me also thinking of why female leaders are portrayed in this way. I believe in the first or second class we did discuss this and how it had to do with males feeling threatened thus undermining female leaders all together. However a more realistic answer which I would like to believe is that some female leaders still lack relevant qualities that male leaders don't have?

Overall this approach towards female leaders is wrong as some are deserving of their positions etc. In my own past I have had female leaders who have treaded over the men when it comes to work. They were more alert, more responsive and more driven. Based on this I find that I should even try to encompass some good of female leaders.

In this particular case it would be based on Nancy who is still leading at age 70. I cannot even famoth doing that at that age but she has shown that it can be done whilst even being a grandma. I recognise that this could be because of beliefs and so forth and as such I know that I need to believe as a leader that there is purpose for doing x.

Nancy has also resonated some of the core leadership qualities which most great leaders have, in particular communication skills and the ability to affiliate with others accross various different backgrounds. I know this has been mentioned before but again it must mean something to me if I am highlighting it again and again. I have to face facts this is a critical attribute to have.

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