Having looked at the Times leadership list I was impressed to see that Sarah Palin featured. Initially I didn't take her to be much of a notable leader however I have come to recognise that she like others is a true leader as she is able to be individualistic, self-reliant and bares a herculean work ethic which resonates. Now if only I could have some of that.

Comparing her to other leaders has made me realise that leadership is more tended towards hard work more than anything with the styles, approaches etc following suit. In this regard I have to admit to myself that I have been negligent as a leader as I haven't been as hard working as I could have of been over the past few months. I recognise this to be a possible flaw in my character and it wasn't something that did sit with me in the past. I find that this could be due to a lack of interest or such. Now I highlight this because my own documentation and thought has lead me to believe that as a leader it is not enough to stop when it suits you rather you need to be in check with others. i.e. You need to keep on going!!!

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