Sister Carol today has taught me a lot about what it means to be a leader. 'It's not about doing what it is easy but doing what is right'. WOW what a powerful statement and one that definitely makes you think about leadership as a whole. She is spot on and I can only reflect on my own thoughts about how she is on par with my way of thinking. I believe that leadership should be about being moral and thus this means doing the right things. I don't know if this pays off but if it pays off to me then I am sure it should pay off to others as they would be feeling my greater thoughts and fairness which I possess.

Carols work has also been hard and I give her credit for being determined and focussed. Determination is probably something I haven't discussed but I am now, it is another critical attribute to have as a leader. If anything determination is what drives everything else to fall into place. Now how do I go about being a determined leader?

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