Todays leader Yukio has gotten me to think differently about leaders all together. It's gotten me to recognise that some are naturally born leaders. Rather they don't actively seek to become leaders it's just who they are based on their families dynasty. I admit I have forgotten to think about this although it does make sense. Protect one's own interests before protecting others. I know that Donald Trump is teaching his daughter the ropes of how to manage the family run business whilst another example is Hugh Hefners daughter who is now leading a large division of Playboy.

I admit this does sound like the logical thing to do but does it really produce a good leader? The right resources are in place for it to happen but my impression is that one needs to be wanting to be a leader and not just assume the role. I know in my own past I have loathed at the idea of being a leader for numerous reasons. Specifically because I like to test my own knowledge and feel as if people deserve a good leader. However perhaps my grounding was unjust? Perhaps I needed to encompass more beliefs for why I should have of become a leader such as to maintain things because I know I can or because I feel as if I know I can do the job.

Yukio however has demonstrated that even though he inhereted leadership from his family he has been able to do good with it. Particularly he was able to create a political party which was more equal in terms of how things should be done. In this regard he has demonstrated a great sense of affiliate leadership style whilst also being democratic. From this demonstration I can see that my belief to utilise both styles is perhaps the best thing to do as it creates a sense of fairness amongst all which is something I believe is critical to leadership.

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