Management skills often come about as a result of various different types of experiences. These experiences can often come in the following forms:

•    Work experience
•    Life experience
•    Growing up
•    Understanding situations
Skills will often become valuable providing the manager took or learnt the right path. It is here that a noble manager will shine, as if one did take the right paths or learnt the right paths this will show in the work which they display.

Skills are often learnt through valuing situations and respecting the many facets of life. When this understanding is met, a natural path with minimum stress opens up. This path often entails that a manager appreciate situations, whether good or bad.

A manager will often learn new skills when required for a  particular situation and therefore they must be flexible.

The psychological makeup therefore would deem that a manager is mentally strong, able to with stain emotions, act appropriately and be caring and understanding. If a manager is to be successful they must be open to learning new skills and be understanding and strong throughout all given situations regardless of how bad they may be.

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