I came across an interesting article today which looked at how brain scans can tell who a good leader is. I was quite fascinated by this but also questioned how accurate it would be and what it would actually determine. Would it influence people to become leaders or would organisations themselves use such scans to pick a leader. I do think that it is a bit outrageous but if it does influence some people to become leaders as a result then it is not so bad after all.
I note that these scans are based on recognising such things as how well some people make decisions and also how likely they are to make the wrong ones. Now I think about this and go perhaps it’s not a bad idea after all. I could see how it could of prevented Tony Hayward from making such a mess of BP. So I guess from a moral accountability stance it would be a credible way to ensure that the right leaders are in play but who will actually go ahead with this? Some leaders are arrogant and would despise such a scan being done whilst some people are also capable in leading their own interests without such pressure.

I have also been quite surprised that such tests as psychometric testing have also been used by organisations to select their leaders. I can’t say that I exactly know what this is but the article does state that it is a form of technological testing. I will definitely have to take some consideration into this and whoever is reading this perhaps it is worth a mention that this should be included in the subject.


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