Colin Powells video had me thinking about other characteristics which are critical for a leader and I was keen to hear a female perspective to see how it differs. I managed to stumble accross an article by Jan B. King, who is a former President & CEO of Merritt Publishing and a top 50 woman-owned and run business in the US. Her opinion on leadership advice is rather the same as Colin Powells although she does elaborate on other points.

Specifically she sees that personal insight is relevant. I consider that I have personal insight in various different fields although I feel as if I struggle to bring this together at times. It's like as if I forget because I haven't used the knowledge much. I find this shameful and it really does make me consider that I should become a leader to utilise this knowledge which has been accumulated over time.

Another point which she emphasises is resourcefullness. I think I am resourceful in terms of applying what I know to relevant situations. At times I even inspire others to go outside of the box in terms of collating resources. I saw this only the other week in class when I told a student in managing consulting group that he should look at various case studies and reports to get a better understanding of how they are written etc. He did explore this avenue although his draft seemed rather daft. Maybe I needed to shed other resources on him on how to transpire this into practice rather than assuming he could understand through looking at another report.

Willingness to look at risk is another point which she emphasises must be looked at. I agree with this although I am at times pushy to still try and challenge things to work when obviously it probably won't. This point has also made me consider how Tony Hayward was ignorant to look at risk when trying to save money on a safety valve. Obviously he should have of acknowledged it. I mean for Petes sake its not exactly a convenience store that he was running.

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