I did some soul searching today, soul searching in the sense that I wanted to see if I had what it takes to be a CEO / leader. My exploration on this topic lead me to look at some you tube videos and I came accross a particular one which addressed developing the ceo within you. I thought that this would give me a guidance or a good starting point as I am not a leader yet however I acknowledge that this is something that would need to be developed. Thus for implementing todays video:

The video was rather interesting and it touched on key areas which would enable you develop the ceo within. Some of these key areas were:
  • Insider outsider leaders - i.e. leaders which are developed inside organisations but still have a perspective on whats going on in the outside.
This one is something that I still need to work on as I haven't worked enough although I do understand how things work or how they should work. So I guess in this regard I fail to some degree.
  • Leaders should develop themselves - ask questions etc not only themselves but others.
At present I am already asking questions constantly and am asking others also. I don't shy away from dumb questions as for me this doesn't exist. So in this area I excel. So far 1 / 2
  • Time - time to learn
I am giving a lot of time to learning at the moment and acknowledge that this is an ongoing process. So again I excel at this and understand. 2/3 - Yay
  • How organised are you?
Am I organised? Probably not as well as I could be but I could organise others and provide advice although it's about organising me and so I fail and need to work on this area. 2/4
  • How well can you perform?
I perform differently according to the environment which I am in. I acknowledge that this is a downside to me and as such I do need to work on this. 2/5
  • Reputation
My reputation amongst those who I have worked with I would consider to be above average. I have always gone past what was required and have delivered on what I agreed I would do. 3/6
  • A need to be able to develop others
I believe I have gotten to a stage where I am able to develop others by offering guidance and extensive resources for them to get things done. 4/7
  • How do you get on with others?
In the last month with uni assignments I haven't gotten well with others as people haven't been pulling their weight and I have expressed my concern in the wrong ways. I will need to concentrate on this I admit. 4/8

4/8 isn't so bad I think but I think I needed to score an 8/8 to be a competent leader. Based on this I will test myself again in a few months when things change.

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