My mind exploded today when I came accross a video of Hakiru Mushatsu. This guy is the definition of what every CEO should be like. He sums up exactly who I want to be in the future. This guys style and attitude towards work and the business that he leads is above exceptional. What CEO would take a pay packet the same as that of an aeroplane engineer? He understands what it is to be a leader and his modesty definitely does good for him.

This video has made me reflect back on BPs ex ceo Tony Hayward and my comment which I made about him how he should have of given his pay out to those who he endangered. It has also made me question integrity amongst CEOs again and which ones do have it. So far I haven't seen many that do but having seen this video I know that nothing is impossible.

Another point which I have considered having watched this is, is that why should there be a difference in pay sizes? I mean what good is it really doing besides creating indifferences amongst leaders and employees. Is this even warranted? It's meant to be a group effort, not I will dictate to you your outcome and then you will perform and i'll take all the credit through a pay packet which is a minute fraction of yours.

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