So today I have kept on hearing stories about James Packer and whilst I must admit that I am envious of him I still don’t see him as a good leader. More so because he inherited an empire free of charge and he is just doing what any other go money getter would do. However it has been interesting to see his story unfold.

I remember when his dad passed away and everyone thought he would lose the lot even though Kerry had left him in good hands. Well it was, almost seeming that way until years progressed and now he is where he is. I guess this in its own right is notable although I can see that he doesn’t believe in moral accountability. I mean why would someone want to invest in casinos for? You have that much money and you choose to go down the path of the dark side. I mentioned this earlier in regards to gambling how it goes against moral accountability but I guess people like James keep this thing going. My thought here is that I am getting confirmation about my own moral accountability towards others and that I won’t abuse it.

It was also interesting to see that the article portrayed James’s other dark side which is dislike towards others, although as the article puts it "James is not a hater. He is not into retribution. But he has bad blood toward two men, Nick Falloon and David Leckie. They have got under his skin." This makes me question the concept of hate within leadership and whether or not it has a place? I know that amongst property tycoons that they are ruthless as all hell which makes me think that this is also happening in other industries. As such I am believing that this may be the last resort to rectifying problems or perhaps it is more of a psychological thing than anything, i.e. showing someone who’s boss. Now I must think what will I do when I get older? I’m not an argumentive person unless if it is necessary so based on this I believe the best option will be to look at strategies to handle things without arguments. I know that reasoning goes a long way however it can also be a costly experience, so what to do?

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