This particular theory elaborates on some of the things which I have already found about leaders, i.e. in that some leaders are already adapt to cultural practices and have gotten to experience many relationships with various cultures.

This theory is a bit more detailed than that however in that it looks at the following:
  • Head / cognitive –how to speak to others from other cultures. It recognises that head gestures and relevant cognitive ways are required to communicate.
  • Body / Physical – This is in line with what was discussed in one of the lectures whereby in some cultures there are certain handshakes that need to be made or a business card needs to be placed on a certain part of the body. i.e. in Japan it is formal that the business card be placed in the top pocket of a shirt and not in the back pocket as this shows you are honouring the person or respecting them.
  • Heart / Emotional / Motivational – This deals with certain emotions which are and aren’t allowed to be displayed in given cultures.
I think that this theory is quite valuable to know as here in Australia there is always an interaction occuring between different cultures.

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