I have also stumbled across something interesting today in terms of theories. This theory known as the John Boyds OODA loop is based on the following:
  • Observe – Ok now this is similar to goal. In that a goal can also be thought about before committing to it.
  • Orient – Again similar to reality in that you can assess what the reality is. In this case I believe orientation means the same thing, i.e. what is going on how will it be done.
  • Decide – Similar to option, i.e. what option will be decided upon.
  • Act – Wow what a joke, way forward means the exact same thing, i.e. how will you act, how will you move forward?
I am now getting a better grip on theories and can see that there are more similarities than I had initially thought. Now can these theories be used? I do think and it is quite a logical formation to go about it. Although key areas like reality can be miss skewed as reality can always vary. It’s always changing. Also way forward bares too many variables as well. Perhaps if it was up to me I would restrict this to two ways of going forward rather than multiple ways.

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