Old 8 step change model
  • Step 1 - create urgency – (This I find touches base on creating a need to change or providing reasoning for doing so)

  • Step 2 - Form a powerful coalition (Selecting the right team to carry out the change)

  • Step 3 - Create a vision for change (Developing a vision for 3 - 5 years depending on the scenario itself whilst also ensuring that the vision is achievable.)

  • Step 4 - Communicate the vision – (Utilising an array of tools to communicate the message to those who need to hear it. I have heard that at times when unconcering groups overhear what another group is doing it causes tension and so forth thus I think it is critical that communication only be made to those select few.)

  • Step 5 - Remove obstacles – (Removing what’s necessary)

  • Step 6 - Create short term wins (I take it that this means that at each milestone everyone has a few beers)

  • Step 7 - Build the change – (Developing the change of how it is going to be)

  • Step 8 - Anchor the changes in corporate culture (Slowly phasing in the change)

Revised 8 step change model
  • Step 1 - Increase urgency (Increase awareness that something that needs to change. I think this is actually more logical than creating urgency? Creating would mean creating a problem?)

  • Step 2 - Build the guiding team (A bit different from a powerful coalition however I would agree a guiding team sounds more realistic)

  • Step 3 - Get the vision right (Now this I don’t agree with, it takes years to know if the vision was ever right in the first place. I understand that Kotter may have of assumed that people were going to know his existing model but for those that didn’t this part doesn’t make any sense.)

  • Step 4 - Communicate for buy in (This sounds more logicial in that it wouldn’t just be the vision that would be being told but rather it could be story telling about other things.)

  • Step 5 - Empower action – (Now this sounds more damaging and down to business than removing obstacles. )

  • Step 6 - Create short term wins (I don’t blame Kotter for letting this staying)

  • Step 7 - Don't let up (I would assume this means creating strategies to not make the change crash but if so that is just the same as step 8. Perhaps it should have of been only a 7 step model with this step removed?)

  • Step 8 - Make change stick

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