Today I was intrigued to look further into some theories to see if I could find any that were applicable to a leader for the moment, i.e. situational. I came across one having googled situational leadership theories and found one called situational leadership. It got me interested as I have had this thought played out in my head before that when a situation does arise, it should be scripted so that it could be done with minimum fuss. I know this, sounds like a crock but I think this theory could work but to know whether or not I will assess it.
  • Telling/directing – I interpret this means who will a leader get to do relevant jobs. This is a bit complex as I believe another assessment needs to be done then on character profiling rather than just issuing out the job to so and so. So maybe this part is flawed or would be rather time consuming to select the right person to tell.

  • Selling/Coaching – This is something which was discussed in one of the lectures, how it is a leaders role to coach his followers and sell the story. Again this is related to character profiling. You can’t just tell anyone or can you? Perhaps with coaching backing it would work, i.e. selling the idea.

  • Participating/supporting – Who will participate? This is more or less in line with the first two. Perhaps this shouldn’t even be here?

  • Delegating – Um isn’t this the same as telling someone something?
Ok this theory is worth nothing. I believe the theory should have of read:
1. Know what the situation is / clarify it.
2. Determine who would be best to handle the situation based on a character profile.
3. Direct the tasks accordingly / Coach the task to the followers to ensure they know what is going on.
4. Follow up / review what is going on. Make sure your role as a leader is valid and you are adhering to your responsibilities.

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