Customer service quite often can be interpreted as the driver of a business’s success as it produces both good and bad news for a business. With this in mind, businesses should always look at what’s creating the bad news whilst being aware of what’s creating the good.
The bad news will often come in forms such as complaints about service, transactions and the inability to uphold what was promised just to name a few examples. For this reason, companies of any size should set out to have a strategy in place for the what if scenarios as well as for maintaining successful customer service / standards. 

For small business operators, these strategies can come in the form of writing up a list of possible scenarios that can go wrong with the customer experience and then writing out possible solutions for how to avoid bad things happening.  Next to each of the scenarios write what you believe would make a good customer experience. Even if you are unable to deliver a high standard, you will at least be in the mind frame of trying to do so. 

By being focused on the customer experience, you will see that the product you are selling becomes worth more to the customer and in return hopefully sets out to achieve repeat business and new business through word of mouth. 

Overall if you have failed to consider the customer service aspect of your business, it is time that you begin today.

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