With new demands from consumers, environments and other organisational factors, change is prolonged to occur these days in quick succession.  This ultimately means that the future for industries and various organisations will see better improvements in not only the way things are done within management but also for the quality of the product / service.
Environmental change, often seen to be one of the larger contributing factors to organisations changing would be considered to be one of the driving forces in improvements for quality and services. Environmental change often comes about as a result of the end user of a product or service not being overly satisfied. Sometimes it is also due to organisations not performing efficiently as they know they could be. These changes often leave organisations to handle the following pressures:

•    Fashion pressures – which includes organisations forcefully trying to keep up with trends from other organisations and industry practices.
•    Mandated pressures – having to deal with news laws and practices being put in place by external forces.
•    Geo political pressures – having to deal with external factors such as the price going up in one country only to feel the impact in your own, i.e. commodities like oil.
•    Market decline pressures - organisations having to keep at it to remain relevant.
•    Hyper competition pressures - being forced to meet necessary changes such as structural change or radical changes.
•    Reputation and credibility pressures - being forced to protect an organisations image by providing services such as warranty etc to gain repeat / loyal customers.

Organisational pressures for change, often arise due to organisations producing poor results and these pressures will often come from:

•    Growth pressures – failure to produce growth to sustain the longevity of the organisation
•    Integration and collaboration pressures – to create economies of scale across different business units
•    Identity pressures – to preserve the brand name / image of the organisation
•    New broom pressures – a need to change the old bad ways
•    Power and political pressures - reaching expectations of shareholders and others.

Through environmental and organisational pressures, existing businesses should be grateful that such existing pressures even exist as without them, the ability to achieve great results for industry practice and the business itself would be dismal. 
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